London Luxury Holidays: Vacations To Remember

Many luxury vacations offer the same things that tourists enjoy, like visiting Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London. Although this can be fine, if it is the first time you visit London, or if the tourist routes are what you prefer, then you may find that they feel a little’samey. It is possible to arrange for this because London offers so much more than picture-postcard attractions. You can get the best Tower of London Tour in this sites.

No matter how many times that you have visited London, you will still be given a tour. It is a good way to learn the basics and to then focus on other less popular attractions. It is worth booking a London luxury vacation that offers a more personalized experience, like sharing just two limousines for your London sightseeing tour.

Greenwich is at the start of Greenwich Mean Time. Here is zero longitude. As is the observatory, both the Old Royal Naval College as well as its grounds are very worth seeing. National Maritime Museum is another place to visit. It contains many historical artifacts, including the uniform inwhich Lord Nelson died at Trafalgar. You can also take the Docklands Light Railway to see the modern London as well as Canary Wharf. This has become one of the major financial hubs in the world.

Bloomsbury in London is not visited by many tourists. This area was famous for the literary figures of early 20th-century London. Charles Dickens also had an affiliation with this part. British Museum with Egyptian artifacts like the Rosetta Stone is an absolute must. Also, Egyptian Mummy room and Elgin Marbles brought to Britain by Lord Elgin from Athens Parthenon are worth a visit. The real Indiana Jones stuff.

Apsley House in Britain is a tribute to the Duke of Wellington who was the British general responsible for defeating Napoleon at Waterloo. Buckingham Palace hosts the Changing of the Guard. Trafalgar Square is where a huge monument honors Lord Horatio Nelson, the British general who defeated Napoleon’s fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. Whitehall is close by, the centre of British Government, along with 10 Downing Street. This residence belongs to the British PM. Next door is number 11. On the other side of it, you will find No. This is where the Chief Whip lives, who is responsible for ensuring that all MPs vote with the Government.