Asian Double Eyelid Surgery, Is it Right for You?

It is called “double eyelids” when Asian eyelids have an upper eyelid folded above the eyelashes. There is also an eyelid surface that is exposed. Not all eyelids have double folds. It is created by the fold at the bottom of the eyelid. This crease indicates a distinct attachment between eyelid skin, and the tendon raising the upper eyebrow. Double folds are considered to be desirable for both men and woman. It is a great place for applying make-up to further enhance the appearance of the eyes. If you’re looking for teh best blepharoplasty, visit us and learn more.

What happens if I have a double Asian eyelid?

A common misconception is that the double eyelid operation is about westernizing eyes. Asians tend to have a common double eyelid, or lack thereof. The lack of a second eyelid can be a concern for some people. They worry about “westernizing” their looks. The description of this surgery in past articles is inaccurate, even though it used to be described that way. This surgery attempts to produce a naturally appearing upper eyelid by creating a clearly defined fold. To achieve this, a low-level crease is created and only a very small portion of skin removed. Unfortunately, some surgeons make the crease higher and remove more skin than necessary. Poorly designed surgeries can have a negative impact on the eyes. To get the best results, you should choose an experienced surgeon. They will have mastered this procedure and know what they are doing. The aim is to conserve the eyelid’s normal structure, while also adding eyelid definition that matches your desired look.

Create a double-fold

You can create a double-fold in two different ways. Asian countries use suture techniques that utilize temporary stitching to make a upper crease. These threads are always going to fail and so, they do not offer the best solution for anyone looking for a permanent fix. When performing double eyelid surgeries, the doctor takes away some of the tissue from the eyelid to make a defined fold at the top. This surgery has a crucial goal: to preserve the Asian-style upper eyelid, while adding an eyelid fold.

Most surgeries are performed under local anesthesia in the doctor’s office. After the surgery, it takes 10 days to recover from all swelling and visible bruising. In most cases, stitches can be removed in one week. But for some people three tiny stitchings are kept at the fold for approximately 3 weeks. This helps to form a permanent line. After about ten days, the majority of people don’t even know you have had surgery.

What If I have small eyes?

How much white area (also known as sclera) can be seen is a good way to measure the size of your eye. Small eyes may indicate upper eyelid Ptosis (or “droopy”) lids. They may also be a sign of deep set or “stretched” eyes. It will differ depending on what condition you have. The double eyelid procedure can often make your eyes appear bigger by adding definition. Always, the best option is to be flexible and choose a method that suits your needs. This means a thorough physical exam as well as weighing all the available options. No standard surgical procedure is available for treating small eyes. Each case must be treated individually.